Dear hunter colleagues and friends, welcome to our site!

Come hunting in the Carpathian Mountains!

Dear hunter colleagues and friends, welcome to our site!

Our goal is to pay attention to every detail, no matter how small it would be, in order that hunting on picturesque Carpathian lands become an unforgettable hunting experience for all passionate hunters who visit us in order that the opportunities and the rewarding results ensure your success.

CARPATHIANS – on hearing this enchanted word hunters’ heart beat faster. Here lies one of the largest areas of virgin forests in Europe, a challenge for any hunter. Here we find the largest population of brown bears, wolves and lynx on our continent.

Focus Hunting organize hunting in the country and abroad. The Agency is located in the heart of the Székely area, in the native village of Count Samuel Teleki, a famous explorer of Africa. The agency staff, long experienced specialized engineers, currently offers hunting opportunities in these great wild lands of the Eastern and Southern Carpathians. Considering all the circumstances, we are able to choose carefully the hunting lands that meet the requirements and provide a favorable habitat for deer, red deer, bear, wild boar, wolf, and not in the least for exceptional specimens with unequaled Trophies of the Carpathian chamois.

The lack of luxurious conditions is compensated by naturalness, hunting quality, hunting adventure, splendid intact nature, traditional local specialties and hospitality of the people.

We must consider all the circumstances – the vast territory, changing weather – therefore we do not fully guarantee the success of hunting. We promise only what we can observe, but the large number of satisfied clients is the guarantee of our professionalism.

The region is rich not only in terms of hunting, but also in terms of tourism; even those who do not hunt – friends, family members – will find great complementary activities. We organize themed tours, hiking, fishing, horse riding, wagon driving, summer sports, winter sports (skiing, sledding), spa (Seckler Jacuzzi). Traditional Transylvanian cuisine and entertainment (dances and preparing Seckler sponge cake “kurtoskalacs”) await for the tourists.

Take advantage of our personalized services to meet your dreams and to live unimaginable hunting adventures!