Red deer

Red deer

Hunting season: 1st of September – 15th of December.

Carpathian red deer hunting is conducted otherwise than in neighboring countries, due to topography, afforestation and access that is more difficult. In Romania, red deer is hunted in three areas: in high and medium mountains of the Carpathians, in the hills and on the depressions, in the plains. Body dimensions are larger than the deer in Western Europe, and outstanding stamina is due to natural selection.

In the mountainous region, we encounter wild nature that is undisturbed by both forestry and infrastructure, a place where it is almost impossible to see twice the same wild animal. Here is a typical deer stalking hunting. Usually the hunter discovers the stag after its clamping; therefore, beyond the knowledge of the factors that influence fumbling, fire has to be lit quickly and with firm hand! While getting on the trail we often encounter bears, boars, and rarely wolves. The hunt takes place in vast woods, situated at an altitude of 1000-1800 meters above sea level. Hundreds of year-old trees are usually covered with lichens. Vegetation primarily consists of blueberries. In this wonderful setting, forest resounds of the stags’ clamps, which – after a tedious fumbling – the hunter sees probably once and it is a chance not to be missed!

In the mountain area, deer population is not too large, but its quality is even better because cold winters and predators (bears, wolves and lynx) have their say on natural selection. Therefore, while hunting only trophy specimens are shoot. Adult deer have antlers between 7-12 kg, and with a little luck, one can shoot larger trophies.

Recommended period: September 20th to October 5th.

In the hills, there is a large deer population of good quality. Their clamping is spectacular, trophies are very showy, but rarely exceed 9 kg. In these places the hunt takes place in wait, fumbling or from the horse carriage, while the hunter usually meets numerous other wild animals. Upon request, deer hunting can be combined with boar hunting.

Recommended period: September 15th to September 27th.

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