Hunting season: 15th of March – 15th of May

1st of September – 31st of December

In the Romanian Carpathian mountain range the second largest population of bears in Europe lives. Their number is estimated at 7000. The biotope, bears living environment, includes the area between the highest peaks of the Carpathians and the lower hills. Many specimens annually roam huge territories. Depending on the evolution of winter, migration from the hills to alpine areas starts in March-April. Even more interesting, the other migration occurs in late fall; on the arrival of winter when during the first snow bears retreat in the high mountains where hibernate until spring. In late autumn bears gather in large numbers in places where there are plenty of ripe fruits, beech mast and acorn. The ancient forests of the Carpathians provide habitat for many trophy bears, which body length sometimes exceeds 2.3-2.5 meters. Bears weight greatly varies depending on the season.

– The world record for bearskin is a trophy of 687.79 CIC points

– Another bear shot in Romania in 1994, has maintained the world record from 1997 to 2000 with a skull of 69.47 CIC points.

In October-November we organize stampede hunt for bears. This method is allowed only in Romania to prevent overcrowding. A team must consist of at least 3-4 hunters. While stampeding bears one can shoot boars. Bears and boars are driven to the hunting line with hunting dogs and beaters. This type of hunting is a challenge, full of emotions, each participant feels their heart jumping out of their chest. During this period, bear fur quality is weaker than in the spring.

Trophy specimens are hunted in the spring when the usual hunting methods are lurking and fumbling. The results are better than in autumn and trophy quality is superior; the fur is longer, thicker and glossier. At an evening lurking can be seen even more bears (1-10 specimens). To get proper visibility, it is recommended that the hours for hunting be possible during moonlit nights.

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